Posted by: Jason | November 29, 2011

2011 – Round Two Starts Now (Well, Tomorrow)!

Thanks to some generous contributions from Lawrence alums and a planning grant from the Luce Foundations LIASE (Luce Initiative on Asian Studies and the Environment), we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon for our first official study trip under the new “Sustainable China” banner. 13 students, 4 faculty (from 4 different departments), 19 days, and 8 cities, all with the goal of better understanding what we call the “Three Cs” of sustainability: commerce, culture and conservation.

It’s a follow-up to our 2009 trip in many ways (as well as the subsequent trips that Professor Finkler and I took to Guiyang), but this trip also represents a new beginning for Lawrence. This time, the December study trip is part of a much broader initiative at LU, with goals that are much deeper than just understanding water allocation.

We’ve also pushed our students much harder in their preparation. Tomorrow (maybe to kill time on the 16hr direct flight from Chicago to Hong Kong), I’ll describe the coursework and research projects our students did over Fall term to prepare themselves for the trip. For now, I’m going to go play with my daughter – she wasn’t old enough to miss me last time!


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