Posted by: Jason | December 21, 2009


We’re home (although the snowstorm on the east coast clearly didn’t want us to be), and I’d like post one more time with a few thank yous.

Thanks to Professor Marty Finkler for putting together a fantastic trip.  The amount of work that went into planning, scheduling and organizing twelve students and dozens of local experts across seven cities was incredible.  Marty was also an unflagging team leader, and his schedules frequently made energetic 20 year-olds ask for extra time to nap. Likewise, Professor Tim Troy was a fantastic travel companion.  Plus, the discussion he led for An Enemy of the People was one of the high points of the trip for me.

Speaking of students, I commented to Marty on the drive home from Chicago that I have a hard time picturing a better group for a trip like this.  So thanks to Tasmia, Steve, Nico, Ven, Tu, Tam, Syed, Patrick, Sae, Alex, Byron and Natasha for being enthusiastic and engaged.  I’m looking forward to your posters and presentations next term.

Finally, thanks to the Luce Foundation for the grant that gave us the opportunity to go to China.  We made initial connections and strengthened ongoing relationships between Lawrence and various organizations over the course of the trip, and I hope we have the opportunity to develop those further.


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