Posted by: Jason | December 9, 2009

Transfer 2

Guangzhou >>>>>>>>> Guiyang

The plane ride from Guangzhou was mostly uneventful, although we did get a lot of wide-eyed looks while we boarded.  Actually, one woman was filming us on her camera filmed us as we filed back to our seats.  Our group is a spectacle in Guiyang – we didn’t even turn heads in Hong Kong or Guangzhou. 

Guiyang, actually, is one of the most interesting stops on our trip.  Part of that is the people we’ll be meeting with, but it’s also because Guiyang is well off the regular tourist route.  Guangzhou is in the wealthiest province in China, and Guiyang is in the poorest – it’s a difference of $5410 USD per capita GDP versus $1270.  Not a lot of international tour groups stop here – most fly right over on their way to Chongqing or Yichong.  It’s a good fit for our group, though.  New North, an economic group in Wisconsin with an interest in sustainable economic development, would like to cultivate a relationship with their counterparts in Guizhou province.  Similarly, Guizhou is interested in developing a sister-state relationship with Wisconsin, because we share a number of similiar economic and geographic features.   In addition, we’ll be meeting with faculty and students at two academic institutions – the Karst Institute at Guizhou Normal University, as well as the Geochemistry Institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  There are a number of connections to be made and relationships to be cultivated in Guiyang, and I’m glad we could make the stop. 

Plus, there’s a park with wild monkeys and our bus is named the Dragon in Flight.  You can’t beat wild monkeys and a flying dragon-bus.



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