Posted by: Jason | December 6, 2009

Transfer 1

Hong Kong >>>>>>>>> Guangzhou

We’re in Guangzhou, but unfortunately, I still can’t upload photos.  Lawrence’s IT help desk has an urgent request waiting for them when they get to work this morning, so I hope everything will be sorted out before we get to Guiyang.  We got to tour the unfinished portion of the 3rd-largest building in the world on Saturday morning and talk to the engineers about green building, and I have some fantastic photos.  It’s hard not to take excellent photos here, frankly.   Although, one of the students and I were talking on the sidewalk this afternoon, and we both agree that two-dimensional photos can only convey a tiny fraction of the experience.  The impact needs three dimensions and all five senses.  What I’m saying is that you’ve really got to get yourself to China.

The transfer from Hong Kong to Guangzhou on the train was incredibly smooth – until we got to customs (which we needed to go through since we were entering the mainland).  The customs agents took issue with a student’s passport, and we didn’t get her through for six hours.  I say “we” like I had a role in it, even though all I did was sit and worry.  The real credit to Alex, who speaks fluent Mandarin and English; Professor Finkler, who had scads of documentation about where we were going and why; and our travel agents.   And to Tasmia, for  not shaking anyone by their crisply-pressed lapels.   In her shoes, I’m not sure I could have stayed as cool-headed.


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