Posted by: Jason | December 5, 2009

Liquid Assets

Liquid Assets: Water Security and Management in the Pearl River Basin and Hong Kong, the report issued by Civic Exchange the day after our visit, is available through their website now.  I need to read it more closely, but my first impression is positive. Part 3.1 (on climate change and rainfall variance) is also an incredibly fascinating topic, and something that I wish Professor Chen had time to talk about on Thursday.   Closer to my own research interests, the report’s section on the politics of allocation starts on page 30. It’s an extension of Professors Lo and Lee’s discussion at Hong Kong Polytechnic on Wednesday, and I’d be curious to hear their reaction to the report.

Everyone’s packing up this morning so we can head north to Stop #2 on the China Tour – Guangzhou.  We don’t have events scheduled this afternoon, but as luck would have it, a Lawrence student lives in Guangzhou and is going to give us a tour.  I hope I’m able to upload files when I’m on a different network, because I’d like to write about what we did yesterday morning, and it’s a story that needs visual aids.


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